Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Wedding Day Bliss

So the new wedding date came, and it poured rain!! My hair was a ginormous mess (think Monica on Friends 'the one in barbados') from all the humidity in the air. Fingers crossed the stylist would have a solution..
I was in this wedding so I didn't get to take very many pictures, but I did the best I could...

Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid.. the Amanda's!

Regardless of the rain, the ceremony was picture perfect.. and the rain even cleared up  just long enough so that Mr and Mrs Smith could take pictures outside with their photographer.

Congratulations Amy and Brad!! xo

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Hola Mexico!

My best friend in the whole wide world just dragged me and 30 others to Mexico to witness her and her hubby tie the knot!! I was so excited when she asked me to be the Maid of Honor I high fived her, something we'd never done before, ever!

Having 4 kids, it's nearly impossible to sneak away with only my husband so I was looking forward to this trip! The last time we'd snuck away we were down 2 kids and left to go to the island for the weekend (our honeymoon; HA!) I was determined to go, and determined to have a fabulous (drunken) time!
My hubby on the other hand was apprehensive to go. He was afraid his nerves would get the best of him and it didn't help that he doesn't like to travel (even in the car). I was so proud when he got on the plane and so excited that he didn't have a complaint. It was a relief to be at the airport early (and beat all the check in and security lines), I think that helped his nerves a lot. It was definitely something we both needed and I'm so glad that we went!

(Amy had hired a travel agent to help us along the way, since there was many of us booking it just made sense. Heather went above and beyond her travel agent duties (as a long time bride and groom family friend she also came to Mexico, helped with the wedding and was the designated photographer!!). If you have a travelling bug and need some advice I highly recommend her. In fact, she's helping us plan our next family adventure! If you want to check out her website you can click here. AND if you tell her Amanda Sanderson Photography sent you I'm sure she'll gladly get you the best deals around! She ended up saving us $600 each for this trip AND we were upgraded to the hoity toity hotel.. a BIG bonus if you ask me!!)

We had to be at the airport at 6am. That meant a 5am start for my husband and I. Even though we were extremely tired I was able to get some pretty amazing shots of the sun rising and the fog lifting off the tarmac.

 Goodbye BC. HELLO beautiful warm, sunny Mexico!


On one of the days my husband and I decided to jump on the collectiva (a taxi bus that takes you almost anywhere for $2.50 USD). I was surprised how many people could actually cram into the collectiva as it didn't look much bigger than the mini van I drive at home. The driver plus the 11 other passengers and then my husband and I were off to see 5th avenue; A fairly new string of stores that had been put together to up the ante in Mexico. Although there were a lot of "mom and pop" type of stores, there were many that resembled the local Canadian dollar stores and there were even a few big box companies. I, for one, was surprised to see a Subway, a Starbucks and a Dairy Queen. The one that didn't surprise me as much was the McDonald's.. that shit is EVERYWHERE!! The store owners sit outside of the stores and try to call you in. A few times even played on our ignorance and said things like "remember me, I helped you out at the hotel" Soon my husband and I caught on and started only looking where we felt the prices were right... and a little bargaining in Mexico turned out to be a bit fun!

Playa del Carmen was an eye opener for sure. Even though at times I felt bombarded by the very friendly locals, I also felt safe being able to see the Mexican Policia on every corner hanging onto their machine guns. And the marble penis sculptures in every store also gave me quite the giggle... this 'touch at your own risk' sign next to them had me in stitches!!

My mum might be shocked to read this, since she grew up in Trinidad, but she never took me there, I never knew banana's grew upside down!! The way that they're shaped I always assumed they grew the other way! ha ha ha! Thanks mOm!

Right smack dab in the middle of our fabulous trip we got hit with the news that a stage 2 hurricane was heading our way. Staff moved quickly to take down all outside fixtures, tie up all lights and fans and stock the mini bars. My friends wedding was moved to two days earlier and we were all told that we might be on lock down as soon as 1pm (thankfully NOT on the new wedding day!). Lucky for us the hurricane was down graded to a level 1 and then downgraded again to a tropical storm. Minus the heavy rain and the fairly big swells of the ocean, it was really nothing to worry about. And now my friend Amy has a crazy memorable story to tell about the time she got married....