Tuesday, 19 February 2013

My first wedding!


Well, to say the least I was nervous. I had answered a craigslist add asking for a photographers assistant. The duo photographers were down one 'man' as the wife had recently had a wee baby and couldn't leave for hours on end. I thought I would be assisting.. helping.. carrying stuff, changing lenses, adjusting the lighting.. all things easy peasy.. and when I arrived I discovered I would be able to take a few shots of my own.. even allowed the chance to be creative if I saw fit.. I was a bag of nerves. Minus a quick chit chat over coffee... we never really discussed what a photographer does at a wedding... or an assistant.. Where do I stand? Am I allowed to get up close and personal? Do I stand there looking pretty while the "REAL" photographer does his thing? How do I know what's needed and when? Most of the day we played it by ear.. Thank god I'm a quick learner, the camera's and lenses they were using weren't as straight foreward as the one I use.. and this guy had a few more tricks up his sleeve.. I managed to snap a few fantastic shots! :)

Thank you Love out Loud for my first wedding experience! I had a fun and exciting day!