Thursday, 11 August 2011

Manning Park

Recently my husband and I packed up our kids and all of our junk and hit the road. The last time we attempted to camp in Manning I ended up in labour... so this was our re-do.

This is Hailey reading outside on our balcony waiting to leave. I love that she is excited about reading.

All the kids squashed in the car and ready to go...

This picture was taken at the Hope slide. The landslide was apparently the largest to happen in Canadian history. You can read more about it here if you wish.

My most favorite face right now! It makes me laugh every time!!

My little helper Madelyn. Still small enough to think that helping and chores are fun. She would count to ten as I pumped and then would attempt to match me.

I love this picture of Hailey. She was wearing dad's sweater and kicking the rocks beneath her feet. So, I called her name and snapped this photo.

A view of Lightning Lake

My baby Keyrah trying to run past me and avoid the camera.

We found a bum tree!! My hubby is a bum fan! Ha Ha!

 This is Rainbow bridge. When I was younger I was pushed off the edge. After that it was a tradition that we jump off every time we camped there.

 Taking a closer look... I'd never do it now... Guess that means I'm getting 'up there'

We were trying to figure out the secret hand shake but they were just too fast for us.

Hot chocolate in the morning. mmmmmm.

My little hams at the amphitheater.

This beauty landscape was taken at the beaver pond up the road from where we stayed. Beavers are the only other species other than humans to change their environment to suit there needs.

All suited up with our bear bells... we didn't want them sneaking up on us and we certainly didn't want to sneak up on them!!

Brotherly love. Awe.

 I heart cows.

We ended up having to pack up quickly and leave a few days early since our little lady had a ton of nose bleeds. We couldn't get them under control because she wouldn't sit still and relax. She had other things on her mind....

 Although we were sad to leave early it gave me a chance to shoot a few amazing photo's while the sun descended behind the mountains. What an amazing transformation.

This one is one of my favorites. Unedited, the mountains different shades of grey... It makes me feel grateful to live in such a beautiful place.

Home safe and sound and ready for the next adventure.

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