Monday, 12 March 2012

Weird Weather

We've been having a lot of crazy weather lately.. sun, snow, rain and wind has been making us stir crazy (not even a weekend into spring break yet! LOL) so today we rushed out before the rain started... and even though we were nearly blown over a few times, we managed to find a bit of shelter and have a bit of fun!!

The Sanderson Chronicles:

These two little buggers got a lift over the fence.. a head start to the playground and they're slow as snails!!! Ha Ha!

This beautiful tree was in the middle of a gravel field! That little dark patch at the tree roots is all the grass/dirt this tree has!! Crazy!!

All the abandoned tether ball poles made a giant wind chime!! The chains banging against the poles made such a pretty sound! :)

Hopscotch turned out to be a pretty big part of our 'day out', underneath the shelter of school saved us from being wind blown and cold! What a fantastic day! AND we left just as the rain started... perfect

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