Sunday, 27 January 2013

35 and still alive! (too bad for me..;o) )

Well since I met my husband 10 loooong years ago he has promised that he would not live a day past 35.

That day finally came.. we had a nice fun family day at Stanley Park; explored, walked, played and picnicked until finally the babies were to exhausted to continue. We followed up with an early bedtime (for them) and a few coolers and a movie (for us). Only for me to wake up the next morning with his deafening snore in my ear... 35.. and still alive..

this is the old bear habitat at Stanley Park!

These guys aren't scared of anyone!! Chased us away from our picnic!

Big sister Madelyn guiding her brother away from the parking lot...



*these photos are fun family photos. not edited.

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