Thursday, 19 May 2011

~ release ~

I've been 'collecting' the local paper for some time. My hubby and I have been planning to move for a while now, so slowly I've been packing one box at a time. Now that we will be moving for certain I've been putting my box packing skills into high gear. While I was packing up picture frames the other day I noticed an add in the local paper for a park re-opening. I was hesitant to go at first as my family had been invited to an open house later on that day but I'm glad I decided to go because Surrey sure knows how to throw a party!
We started the day off with free food and drinks, free entertainment, a live band, bouncy castles, face painting and cartoon sketches, mini golf, a ride in the bucket of a city truck and the release of salmon! What an amazing day!!

Madelyn showing off her hot dog!

This ventriloquist lady was pretty hilarious!

........and of course the ribbon cutting to make it all 'official'

On a whim I decided to submit some of my photos to the local newspaper - the same one that had advertised the event in the first place. I was elated when the publisher called me on my cell phone the next day - they wanted to use MY photos to run for the story! As a newbie this call meant a lot. Amanda Sanderson Photography was becoming a reality. I was over the moon excited! I started posting all over my facebook, emailing family and friends and calling everyone I knew wasn't always online. It didn't hurt that my kids would be in the paper either (ha ha). AMAZING.

At this moment I'm trying to figure out how I can steal my neighbors paper so I can have more than one copy. You can view the online article here

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