Thursday, 8 September 2011

~ Annalise ~

Last month I took photo's of two lovely baby bellies. Naturally those babies would make it into our world eventually and so...

I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Annalise on September 3rd. She has quite the personality for such a wee one...

She wanted nothing to do with the pictures we were taking and just wanted to be cuddled, tightly.

I think I mentioned that Desiree and I had been friends since the 8th grade and we've been friends for about 16 (ish) years now, seeing her become a mum was pretty special for me, and her little princess is just so precious.

This last photo is BY FAR my favorite out of the bunch. Annalise was finally so content.
She is the most aware newborn I have EVER met. In most of the pictures, she was staring right at me and this one is no different. She is living my dream with those big blue eyes and dark brown hair. I can't wait to watch you grow.... xxoo

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