Sunday, 11 September 2011

Summer is full of...

Summer is FULL of surprises. If you've been following along, we had to leave our only planned camping trip in a hurry due to some unforeseen nose bleeds. We were feeling a little guilty and wanted to make it up to the kids. Lucky for us my dad has a cabin up at Sulphurous lake. We haven't been up there in quite sometime, so we thought we'd give it a go...

We stopped off at the side of the road at an unmarked rest stop to have a stretch and a bite to eat. The view was incredible. While I was basking in the sun and taking in the beautiful site of the mountains (all while feeding four hungry babe's and making sure they weren't running out into the highway) my husband did a little exploring... as you can see in the picture below, he's off in the distance.. not too long later, he was holding up bones of some kind. Rib bones, pelvic bones, long bones and short bones. He said they were scattered everywhere. I packed up the kids and prayed he didn't come across some sort of satanic burial grounds. After a little persuasion I convinced him to leave...

After the long five hour drive to the cabin, I was exhausted so I plopped down on the couch only to be taken in by the calmness of the lake staring up from below...

(the brand new fire pit that nearly touches the lake)
Hailey getting ready to roast some marshmallow's

 The sun was beaming down on us every day and we couldn't ask for anything better.

This was my sons first boat ride. He kicked and scream for the first five minutes until he realized he could reach down and touch the water. After that he was as calm as a clam.

You'll see lots of pictures of him. He's mum's right hand man (and attached at the hip)

This was hilarious. Grandad's idea of 'tubing', only he doesn't have a power boat but a putt putt. The girls thought it was pretty amazing to be towed away from the shallows behind a boat, even if they were going less than 5km/h. Ha ha!!

Just as he did last time, my husband surprised my with a bouquet of wild weeds. He tied them up to the rear view mirror and waited until I noticed them (which wasn't until after a lot of throat clearing and maybe even a clue!!) He really knows how to turn on the charm!

All in all, the kids were really happy that we had a chance to go and spend time with their Grandad. His cabin has been in renovation mode for quite sometime, so we're glad we could come up and see all the improvements. Fire beside the lake is pretty cool.

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