Sunday, 22 January 2012

"Diversity in the Workplace"

Recently the Museum of Vancouver put on a contest to have photos submitted from the workplace. The theme - diversity.

As a Registered Child and Youth Care Worker, I don't really have a huge commute to work, boardroom discussions or many people that I work with as there's usually 2 of us max, but I do work for many children - a diverse part of our society, kids that one day could play a significant role in our communities. The kids I work for are troubled, neglected, abused... and not just by their parents but some of them choose to trouble, neglect and abuse themselves, these three categories don't see race, religion, age or sex - these kids are not only a diverse part of our communities because they are children but diverse because they are all different races, sexes, religions and ages. Here are a few I submitted to the museum...

If I win this contest and they ask me for more photo's I have a million ideas I can't wait to share :)

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  1. Amanda, this is beautiful! What an awesome subject and such gorgeous photos! :) proud of you!