Sunday, 9 February 2014

Getting into the groove..


I have a lot of catching up to do! Looking back I can see that I have neglected to update pictures that were taken in 2012. TWO THOUSAND AND TWELVE! I thought being on maternity leave would give me a TON of time to update, catch up, RELAX. Haha.. I was delusional. And nobody out there felt they should enlighten me. Maybe I should have known better.. after all, this is baby number 5. And after I update TWO years worth of hard work I would love to introduce you to our newest addition..
OK. Here we go...

Blogging after a year hiatus feels kinda weird... yet freeing. I'm glad to be back. It feels normal and it gives me a little "me" time. Much needed me time..
We are an outdoor type of family and field trips are our favourite. Every year we go to a local farm and pick berries. Blueberries usually, but we also like to pick raspberries and strawberries.

Don't these look delicious?!? Yummmmm. And they taste the most delicious off the bush!

 On this day we left with five 4 litre buckets of blueberries, a flat of strawberries, a container of raspberries and a small container of Saskatoon berries. We also left with a giant homemade fruit pie! Krause berry farms makes THE BEST 10" mixed berry pies.. I wish I had taken a picture of that but I'm pretty sure I was too busy stuffing my face... :)

*Krause berry farms also makes a deeeelicious corn pizza pie. I'm drooling just thinking about it... Give it a try, I guarantee you'll love it too!!
Hailey taking a break in the shade. The sun is SO hot during blueberry season and there's not very many places to hide from the heat..

 Madelyn showing off her bountiful basket as Gabe sneaks some from her when she's not looking.. lol

Keyrah, following her brothers lead, takes part in 'quality control'.

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